The network server [o/o by veteran GOC client NCM Software Development Inc] is found to have hosted MALICIOUS SOFTWARE on two of it’s business web sites over a 32 month period during 2012, 2013, 2014. The intent of the hosted malware during these 32 months was to hi-jack visiting web browsers, breach their network security, steal digital property and take OS control of visiting computer networks. Continuous warnings [screenshots provided] were issued by Google Chrome, Microsoft IE, and Mozilla Firefox during this prolonged period of time. Government of Canada “cross-agency priority” [CAP] goals have cyber security at the top of it’s agenda. This subsequent report follows Public Safety Canada interdiction Oct 2014 and concerns host server, two NCM Software Development Inc registered internet domains [ and], NCM’s weak IT security posture and NCM’s persistent attempts to redirect visiting network browsers to IP [a known (Russian orig/Romanian admin) distributor of malicious software]. This illicit activity carried out during 2012, 2013 and 2014 is corroborated by court admissible evidence.

governmentcontacts malware

Above Google Chrome screen shot captured before visitors clicked on NCM’s link [between Feb 2012 and Oct 2014].

malicious software threat on ncm software development inc site

Above Google Chrome screen shot captured after visitors clicked on NCM’s link: unsecured browsers were redirected to malicious web site This browser hi-jacking continued during 2012, 2013 and 2014. Screen shot captured Dec 2012, ten months later…

browser hi-jacker malware scanner report showing the last modification time of malicious redirects on NCM’s was Feb 2012. Above screen shot captured May 2013, fifteen months later

governmentcontacts-com screenshot capture july-2013

Users were warned that proceeding to NCM’s would very likely infect their systems with malicious software designed to steal information: e.g. passwords, business data, messages, credit card numbers, or cause identity theft, permanent file deletion, financial loss, and/or loss of operating system control. Above screen shot captured July 2013 seventeen months later…. blocked by Google Chrome May 2014

Several accounts may have been compromised during this prolonged period of time, which persisted far beyond the usual, expected or normal response time, without stopping or being taken down. Above screen shot captured Sept 2014, thirty one months later…..

The NCM Software Development Inc product [same name as NCM’s malware hosting server] is endorsed by 12 Canadian Premiers, the Conference Board of Canada’s Anne Golden/President/CEO and Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s Catherine Swift/President and CEO.

The trademark is registered to NCM Software Development Inc.

A Private Investigator from Canada posted this information about in Feb 2008.

NCM Software Development Inc a corporate client of the Government of Canada since the early 1990’s, has been caught in the embarassing position of hosting known malicious software on it’s discredited host server during 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Without question, cyber security is a shared responsibility. The timely sharing of relevant cyber threat information increases the overall security and resilience of Canada’s public and private sector cyber infrastructure.

Cyber incident reporting is shared among information specialists and between the ‘Information Protection Centre/Shared Services Canada’, the ‘cyber threat evaluation centre’ and, the ‘communications security establishment Canada’.



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